Working with CSOs and Other Organisations

Civil society organisations (CSOs) play an important role in addressing security and human rights challenges. In some cases, CSOs work in partnership with private companies. In other cases, constructive working relations have not developed. Drawing on the expertise and experience of international and local CSOs can offer a number of benefits for companies. It can also help CSOs to better understand corporate cultures and objectives. Important areas of CSO expertise include situational analysis, support for training and engagement with local communities. Below we provide a non-exhaustive list of some CSOs and other organisations working in areas related to security and human rights, including members and observers to the VPs.

Created in collaboration with Dalberg Global Development Advisors, the Business Guide for Partnering with NGOs and the United Nations provides a market-based assessment of leading non-profit social actors and the United Nations that have demonstrated competency in partnering with companies in a number of areas such as advocacy, awareness-raising, health and the environment, among others.

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