Guidance Targeted Specifically at Oil and Gas Companies

The Training Tool enables oil and gas companies to instruct and inform their staff, suppliers and contractors about the companies’ responsibility to ensure respect for human rights in their operations. This 3rd edition includes training modules on labour issues, provision of security, and community engagement.

This document offers step-by-step guidance on how to implement the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in the operations of the oil and gas sector. Each section summarizes what the UN Guiding Principles entail and offers a range of examples of how to translate them into practice.

This guidance document is aimed to assist oil and gas companies in implementing a due diligence process for human rights. The guide firstly clarifies the meaning and business value of human rights due diligence processes and subsequently aims to support the development/improvement of due diligence processes for human rights. Lastly, the guide identifies further resources to support oil and gas companies in their management of potential human rights issues.

This guidance document provides an industry-specific framework for oil and gas companies to develop and enhance the quality and consistency of their sustainability reports. The document provides two types of assistance; first, it outlines ‘how-to’ steps which describe the process of reporting; second, it provides indicators of ‘what’ content may be included in reports on environmental, health and safety, and social and economic performance.

This guide seeks to provide “basic guidance on risk assessment and risk management in conflict settings that oil and gas companies might face. These include conflicts between companies and local communities which are directly related to the presence and operations of the companies themselves, as well as wider social and political conflicts in which companies are not directly involved but which are very likely to impact on companies operating in such conflict environments.”

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